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Rek-O-Kut L37 with Gray Research 108 Tonearm + 2 GE RPX Cartridges

Rek-O-Kut L37 with Gray Research 108 Tonearm + 2 GE RPX Cartridges

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This is one of the coolest turntables I have ever come across.

I chose to leave it set up as a mono player, and it can play both 33 mono LPs, as well as 78s. One of the best features is the 15” Gray Research 108 Viscous-Damped Transcription arm.

The arm has a silicone damping fluid around a ball and socket that allows the damping (speed the arm drops) to be very finely adjusted. There is no use of a lever to drop the needle, the arm does all the work. This suspension principle provides insanely good tracking and an amazing full sound.

I have tested the damping and adjusted it to a 2 sec drop per the service manual.

Changing between 33s and 78s is very easy for this player. I am including 2 GE RPX cartridges. One for 33s and one for 78s. The cartridges both include the factory quick-change slides that are pre-adjusted for tracking force. They literally just slide in and out of the tonearm. No screws or wires to mess around with.

The speed is changed by loosening the knob and sliding it to either side. This unit has been completely restored and runs like new. Speeds are dead on, and the table is practically silent.

The cabinet measures 24” x 18” and weighs around 15 lb completely assembled. Here is all of the work that was done.

1. Completely disassembled and meticulously cleaned:

- Idler assemblies
- Idler wheels
- Motor pulley
- Rotor
- Motor Bearings
- Ball Bearing
- Platter Spindle
- Tonearm

2. The cabinet was completely refinished with a full sanding, new stain, and two coats of clear poly for protection.

3. Wiring upgraded with fuse to protect motor

4. Bypassed original switch with new upgraded toggle and neon lamp Indicator (the original switch can go bad over time)

5. All metal cleaned and polished, including platter rim, tonearm base, motor plate, and cabinet trim.

6. Completely removed all traces of old oil on motor bearings, spindle and idler bearings, and replaced with new

7. Proper speed calibration/testing with strobe

I am happy to meet or drop off anywhere between Bar Harbor and Portland, and travel to southern Maine often.

Asking $1500 Or best offer. I will also include some great 78s, including some really special Christmas music from the 40s and 50s. If you are looking for the ultimate mono machine, you found it!

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